About Shake A Paw Rescue and Adoption Center
Shake A Paw Rescue and Adoption Center Shake A Paw Rescue and Adoption Center was officially formed in the spring of 2012. We had been providing dog rescue and adoptions services quietly in our regular pet store with our "Forever a Home" Policy. We never wanted any of our dogs to be surrendered to a traditional animal shelter, and we have always accepted back any of our puppies or dogs that we have placed over the years. Customers have always been asking us if we would take their dog and find him a new home, even though they didn't buy it from us.

"We don't want to bring him to a shelter" is what we heard time and time again. We have always been known for our super-clean facilities and our caring and knowledgeable staff. The establishment of our Rescue and Adoption Center was a natural path for us to follow.

The Shake A Paw Rescue and Adoption Center is a New Jersey Non-Profit Animal Shelter and Charitable Organization. Since founded in 2012, we have rescued and re-homed over 1500 dogs. Located inside of our current Shake A Paw stores; our Adoption Center strives to place all our homeless and surrendered dogs in a new permanent forever home. We care for about 5 to 10 adoptable dogs at any given time. Our rescues are loved and well-cared for by our experienced staff.

Shake A Paw Rescue and Adoption Center

2195 US Hwy 22
Union, NJ 07083

Phone: 908-688-2600

Business Hours - Union, NJ

Monday - Saturday: 10:00am to 8:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am to 6:00pm

Intake and Surrender Hours
Monday - Friday:
12:00am to 4:00pm

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